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New Opener

You have to take many things into account when installing a new garage door, and one of them is its garage door opener. The opener is what allows the garage to open and close properly whenever you use the remote opener or when going through a garage sensor. 

One of the most common malfunctions or problems a garage door can have is its opener or remote opener not working properly. When that happens, it’s impossible for you to take your car out of your house or office or park it there. 

Although some opener issues are not that bad and can be repaired easily, some others require you to get a new opener. Trust us to install it! Golden Automatic Gate & Garage is always ready for you. 

What Happens If I Don’t Fix My Door Opener? 

Not fixing your door opener or not getting a new one could lead to several issues regarding the opening/closing motion of your garage door, such as accidents with your car or family. Some openers can open your garage door randomly if they are having technical problems, and you don’t want your garage door to open in the middle of the night. 

Keeping it like that is a risk for everyone in your house or office, so make sure you assess any problems you may have with your opener. 


Getting a new garage opener allows you rest easy during the night. If you ever need to install one of these, you can trust us to install it in no time. Since we offer same-day service, you can call us any time you need us, so don’t hesitate to do it! 

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